5 CV Cliches To Avoid

Are you motivated? A team player and hard-working?

Of course, you are, and so are all the other people applying for the same job as you.

The language and skills you use and showcase on your CV significantly affect whether you could make the interview shortlist.

But it is also important that the language you use isn’t too cliché; you can risk diluting your unique skills and experience.

To create a winning CV, you want to provide evidence of your achievements and avoid the below CV cliches:

  • Works Well Independently: It is common to see ‘can work well independently’ on a CV. But does this set you apart? Any strong candidate will be expected to be able to do this. Instead, give an example of how you have used this strength and the outcome. For example, I independently designed and implemented a strategy that increased leads by X amount’
  • Results Driven: This is a GREAT point to include on your resume. But stand out from the crowd and back this claim up with facts. “I increased sales by X amount”
  • Hard Worker: A strong work ethic is important, but it doesn’t mean you are productive. A Hiring Manager will look for signs that you can effectively and productively manage your time. So, emphasise your productivity and time management skills, and give an example. ‘Created a successful product launch in a short time frame’.
  • Good Communication Skills: This is an incredibly overused phrase! Be more specific by giving examples of situations in which your communication skills have solved challenges or shone through. Talk about how you are good at sales pitches, for instance.
  • Check for Any Errors!! You can’t claim you pay attention to detail if your CV is littered with errors and spelling mistakes, so make sure you proofread thoroughly.

So, before you write or update your CV, think about your wording and how impressive your CV would look to somebody who doesn’t know you. 

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