Shaping the future of Digital Health

Our team are experts in recruiting top talent across the Digital Health industry, including Pharma, Machine Learning and AI.


Developing Tech

Digital Health is a market that has been created by the convergence of multiple developing technologies.

The Digital Health team at Vivid Technology is recruiting people with the essential skills to discover new drugs using Artificial Intelligence algorithms. The advancement in Artificial Intelligence, Sensors, Medical Devices and Data Engineering leads to a future where Healthcare is becoming increasingly Digital.

Vivid Technology contributes to the success of this industry by finding the AI Researchers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Cheminformatics Engineers, Software Engineers and Sales & Business Development experts who are needed to continue shaping the future of this industry.

Technology Specialisms

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How We Work


We understand that you are looking for the best talent in the market, not just the best talent available. We leverage our market expertise and extensive candidate network, adopting a more proactive approach. This means we actively headhunt candidates who aren’t necessarily considering a career move. The candidates we introduce are highly valued by their employers and may not be on your radar or involved with other recruiters.


When we partner with you, we seek to build a long-term relationship and gain a strong understanding of what candidates will be the right cultural fit for your company, along with the right technical or commercial background. Additionally, it gives us the freedom and flexibility to approach candidates working for competitors without any restrictions.


We believe in quality, not quantity. We only introduce candidates who will add value to the business, so for us, quality is everything. When actively engaged on a specific assignment, our objective is to introduce a shortlist of 2 – 4 candidates in a timely manner. Each candidate in the shortlist will have already passed an interview and qualified for the role.

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