Vivid Technology was created to enable technology companies of all sizes to connect with the best candidates based on their needs. Fulfilling requirements across engineering, commercial and leadership teams up to board level

The Right People

Supporting our clients to help find the best talent in the market for them. Our foundations are built on fully understanding our client’s needs, pain points and culture to target the right candidates for specific roles and ultimately the company.


Our team provides more than 20 years’ industry recruitment experience within our niche technology fields. We firmly believe that one size does not fit all, and therefore provide bespoke recruitment services and solutions

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Before we can help you achieve your career aspirations we need to get to know you first! That is why you will not find any jobs on this site. We are interested in you and we cannot seek out the best opportunities until we do! So either book a consultation or contact us directly.

Industries & Sectors We Operate In

We work in the following sectors helping clients and employees alike


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